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Aylin Live on the spot: Black Sheep Festival

Last year Aylin was live at Black Sheep Festival and now she is going to tell you about her impressions and her feelings while Black Sheep Festival. Also she speaks about her experience over the whole journey from the bus trip, festival-impressions and the legendary After Beach Partys at all 4 clubs at Zrce Beach!

Friday 28th july 2017: Finally, it’s time! I am on my way with the tourbus to the Black Sheep Festival at the one and only party beach of croatia – Zrce Beach.
Until now the only thing I knew about this festival was that thousands of crazy party-people from all around the world are making their way to Black Sheep: One of the biggest and most visited events during the high season. The line-up looked promising and the weather forecast with 35-38 degrees loos super. My fellow passengers made the bus ride to a little party. Our mood was cheerful when we saw the blue ocean to our right when we woke up and kept on getting better till it reached the peak when we arrived at the Moon Rocks Hostel in Zrce. Locally the Team got us through the Check-In quickly and smoothly. After that we went to our apartments which directly felt like home at the first sight – the perfect place to pullback from all the upcoming parties.

Now we are ready for the Black Sheep Festival week!

And guys, let me tell you. My expectation has been fulfilled. Late mornings, cozy breakfasts on our balcony with a beautiful view over Novalja, tanning at the beach, swimming in the ocean, partying at the After Beach parties or on the boat parties and having a drink or two with new friends in various bars. At about midnight we made our way to four of the best beach clubs in the world to see the biggest DJs worldwide: Martin Solveig, Steve Angello, DVBBS, Nicky Romero, Carnage, KSHMR and Nervo are just some names from the crazy line-up. Per night four acts played, each in one of the four clubs and made the crowd go wild. The performances were unbelievable: Mesmerizing Visuals, beautiful dancers, radiant people from all over the world, a bass that will make you dance your a** off and a firework of lights and effects. People were partying until the sunrise was shining over the heads of the last men standing. As a summary I would say that I’ve never felt such an energy which connected people with each other, with their surroundings and with the music. The combination of the sun, beach, relaxation plus a festival, partying and the international flair differed this whole experience to conventional festivals in Germany. And you can’t underestimate the price difference. For such a line-up in clubs with such a reputation you would normally pay the double amount solely for the ticket. Here you’ll get offered get a package which includes everything important from ticket to housing to a very convenient price. Plus who would’nt rather chill at the beach than running around in gumboots during a festival?

Even if the tan is already fading and I am sitting here at my desk in a pullover with a hot cup of tea – the experience, memories and the friends I made won’t be forgotten and I honestly can’t wait to visit Zrce Beach again next time.

Zrce Lifestyle – a little insight

The perfect vacation starts – like pretty much every adventure – with the planning. I booked bus seats for me and my friends so we could relax during our ride from Germany to Zrce and back. But already on our way to Zrce our fellow passengers started their own little party, which we enjoyed a lot. With entering the ferry our thrill of anticipation was huge. At the hostel the Team expected us with a nice little booth, lollipops and important information. The Check-In went perfectly and if someone wanted to relax first he or she could just grab a drink at the bar or take a dip into the hostels own pool. Soon we stood in our spacious apartment – the perfect place to get away in-between the parties. There are also a lot of shopping places like the huge supermarket „Plodine” where you can buy everything from medicine to your favorite Cadbury chocolate. There are also various travel agency offices like for example „papaya-travel“ where you can get spontaneously some tickets for the next festival. But this can take up some time depending on when you go to them. That’s why I’d recommend texting the Team via WhatsApp. They always answer quickly and efficiently.

Since most of the festivals officially start at monday nights I enjoyed the first two days at the beach with perfect weather and a blue cristall clear ocean. Also I went around Novalja, the city where our apartment was, to discover offers like jet-ski or wave-boarding. So where’s the party you’re asking? Well, the great thing about Zrce Beach is that you can party EVERYDAY. You heard right! That’s why you can party on days where there isn’t an official festival day. At 3pm all four clubs at the beach (Papaya, Noa, Aquarius and Kalypso) open their doors to their famous After Beach Parties – Free entry!

Beautiful dancers, a bungee-jumping tower, restaurants and bars, nice promoters who give away vouchers for free drinks and in the center of the attention – a pool filled with party people from all around the world. All the clubs are also asthetically very pleasing with nice pools, floating animals, foam parties and white roofed beds – perfect for Instagram photos and more ;-). Getting to Zrce Beach and back home to Novalja isn’t complicated at all, you just take the bus or a cab, up to you! We ended our days relaxed in one of the various bars or restaurants at the port like for example at the “Cocomo” bar. It should be mentioned that even on not-festival-days there are night parties with the resident DJs of each club. Summarized: This is the perfect surrounding for a party vacation at the Croatian Zrce beach!

Black Sheep Festival 2018

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