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“It’s boring!” An interview with the head of events

    The older ones still remember. When festivals really still happened.

    “It’s boring!” We did an interview with Volkan Öncan. He is the head of event team and organizes festivals. The interview was conducted without a mask and distance while having a coffee in the sun!

    LenaMag: You are responsible for the planning and realization of the events in Novalja & Zrce Beach. How is it going at the moment?

    Volkan: It’s boring! Usually, around this time of the year, we had to deal with the cancellation of festivals. It’s a huge effort! We had to cancel Djs and their management. Send emails to clients and partners. Somehow come across as optimistic, even though the vibe was shit. We are missing all that this year.

    LenaMag: How is the team dealing with this new boredom?

    Volkan: It’s very different. Some in the team, especially our new Croatian employees use the time to prepare the events even better. Graphics, advertising material, guest information and many other things that have to be done are finished earlier.

    Others are not coping well with the new situation. They miss the constant vodka shots that became a tradition after every festival cancellation. Others are constantly coming up with new proposals for even more artists. But we already have hardly any free Dj slots at our events.

    If you miss the frustrating days, try Croatian language courses. There the frustration is sure!

    More time to hang out. The elaborate festival cancellations are missing.

    LenaMag: How big is the chance that festivals will have to be cancelled after all?

    Volkan: Oh, at the moment it really doesn’t look like it. But who knows. Maybe we’ll cancel a festival just for fun. Just for the sake of the good old times! And because we like to drink vodka shots.

    LenaMag: How do the Djs deal with the new situation?

    Volkan: For the artists, the situation is also difficult. Many have lost frequent flyer status in the last two years. They now have to wait in the check-in line normally again. There are no more free drinks in the airport lounge.

    In addition, high fees are now being paid again, just like before the pandemic. That explains why Porsche now has such long delivery times!

    LenaMag: What else is on the agenda today?

    Volkan: It’s the 1st of April. We usually come up with an April Fool’s joke. That’s also an old tradition with us. But this year everything is different. Or not? Maybe I’m just practicing some more Croatian.

    A lot of things are already prepared now. No festival cancellations in prospect.