Hardstyle at Zrce Beach

World best Hardstyle DJs at Zrce Beach

Get ready for the Harder Styles experience! Within one week (24.08.2020 – 28.08.2020) experience sun, beach, sea and the hardest beats.
A new Hardstyle Festival presented by Q-Dance with the world’s best Hardstyle DJs in the huge line-up of the VAQATION.

All events at Zrce Beach that include Hardstyle:

VAQATION (24.08.2020 – 28.08.2020)
Austria Goes Zrce (18.07.2020 – 25.07.2020)
Bravia Goes Zrce (01.08.2020 – 08.08.2020)

What is hardstyle?

Hardstyle is an electronic dance music genre with a tempo of 140-150 BPM. It has influences from both hardcore and house music, and the beats per minute are right in between. Over the years, several sub-genres have developed, such as Raw Style and Terror. The hard sound of the early years is now often referred to as “early” hardstyle.

Hardstyle is an accessible genre because there are all subgenres. Hardcore, freestyle, euphoric, uptempo or extra raw? There is something for everyone. Most of the time the artists concentrate on a certain style, but they also experiment a lot. Leading artists of the euphoric style are for example Brennan Heart, Noisecontrollers and Wildstylez. Popular hardcore and early hardcore artists are Nosferatu, Angerfist, Mad Dog and The Viper. Leading raw and extra raw artists are Radical Redemption, Warface, Requiem and Delete. Popular freestyle artists are Paul Elstak, Darkraver and Vince.

Hardstyle is getting more and more popular!

The origin of hardstyle lies in the time of the turn of the millennium. Italian and Dutch DJs produced tracks with dark, strongly distorted kicks.
Then Hardstyle went through a development with different musical elements. Hardstyle takes place mostly at festivals.
Since 2012 the music style is more and more in trend. Since hardstyle producers have been adding more and more classical elements and singers to their new songs, the community is growing.
To “remix” current songs and classics (to make a hardstyle version from the original) brought Hardstyle to every festival over the last years.
DJ Ran-D produced a huge hit with his new version of the song “Zombie” and reached over 43 million streams on Spotify.

Subgenres (subcategories) are for example Rawstyle, Hardcore, Frenchcore and Uptempo.
The scene is open for everyone and it feels like a community.

New on the beach: VAQATION

The VAQATION Festival will be held for the first time at Zrce Beach in 2020. It replaces the no longer taking place Hard Island Festival and takes over the “Harder Styles” at Zrce Beach.
The festival takes place from August 24th to 28th. During these 5 days the idyllic island with its blue sea offers the stage for an epic, harder style experience offered by Q-Dance and Art of Dance. The diversified program takes place at almost all beach clubs.

In the afternoon there are fierce beach parties and in the evening breathtaking atmosphere in the night areas of the clubs with the best hardstyle DJs in the world.
Amongst others Headhunterz (1st place), Angerfist (2nd place), Radical Redemption (4th place), Miss K8 (5th place), Da Tweekaz (7th place), Coone (8th place), Wildstylez (9th place) and Ran-D and many more. The complete line-up includes over 50 artists!

Q-dance is known for organizing the biggest hard dance events in the world.
The following concepts are organized in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Australia, America and Chile.

Former Hardstyle event: Hard Island

The biggest hardstyle area was covered by the event “Hard Island” at Zrce Beach so far. Unfortunately the event took place for the last time in 2019.
Hard Island was a very successful event. It attracted thousands of visitors and ravers to the beautiful island of Pag. The DJ line-up included over 50 artists with many top hardstyle, hardcore & Frenchcore/uptempo acts like: Radical Redemption, Dr. Peacock, Darren Styles, Code Black & Villain.


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