Hard Island Festival 2018

02.07.2018 - 05.07.2018

Club Kalypso

Hardstyle Hardtechno

Go hard or go home! Be there at one oft he biggest Hardstyle-Events of europe and shuffle from morning till dawn with the best DJs.

Hard Island Festival 2018

Hard Island Festival 2018

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👔 Organizer Kalypso
🚩 Locations Kalypso
🎶 Music Hardstyle
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Airtunes, Andy The Core, Angerfist, Art Frequency, Art Of Fighters, AVI8, Code Black, Coone, Crisis Era, Crypsis, Cyber, D-Fence, D-Sturb, Darren Styles, Deetox, Destructive Tendencies, Devin Wild, Digital Punk, Da Tweekaz, Dither, Donkey Rollers, Dr. Peacock, DRS, DV8, Dyprax, E-Force, Frontliner, Furyan, Gammer, Hard Driver, Hyrule War, I:GOR, Keltek, Lowriderz, Lunatic, Mad Dog, Malice, MickeyG, Miss K8, N-Vitral, NO-ID, Nolz, Pablo Discobar, Physika, Promo, Radium, Re-Mind, Regain, Repix, Rooler, Ruthless, Sefa, Sound Rush, Sprinky, Sub Zero Project, The Melodyst, The Sickest Squad, The Stunned Guys, Thyron, Villain, Warface, Zany, Zatox


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Samstag / Saturday 30.06.2018


Sonntag / Sunday 01.07.2018


Montag / Monday 01.07.2018


Dienstag / Thuesday 02.07.2018

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Lineup in the past

Da Tweekaz, Art Of Fighters, Code Black, Villain, Andy The Core, Angerfist, Audiofreq, Atmozfears, Chain Reaction, Coone, Crypsis, Dr. Rude, Mashup Jack, Meccano Twins, The Melodyst, Minus Militia, Noisecontrollers, Nico & Tetta, Partyraiser, Psyko Punkz, Radical Redemption, The Sickest Squad, Sub Sonik

DJs at Hard Island Festival

In 2018, fans should expect impressive performances from top notch DJs that will take them through a nonstop music procession until dawn. The festival goers will also swim and splash non-stop for four days. Let’s have a look at some of the DJs that performend at Hard Island Festival in the past.

The first Dj that deserves to be in this post is the sensational Angerfist. Angerfist, who hails from Netherlands, is specialized in the production of hardcore and gabber which has earned him the name “Master of Hardcore”. He has made collaboes with “the supreme team” consisting of outblast,tha playah and evil, and Masters elite. Best songs under his name include The passages (2003), Ultra rebel (2004) with remixes such as Re-Style and Nitrogenesis causing ripples in parties and festivals.

Another DJ to perform in Hard island festival is Art of fighters. It is a three-member crew famously known for their sensational hit, “Earthquake.” The team who hails from Milan Italy have made a tremendous impact in DJ industry with top songs such as Earthquake, Finallino and Do or die. They have been active since 2007 specializing mainly in hardcore music.

Brennan Heart will also make people crazy in the festival. Brennan, who comes to form Netherlands, specializes in Hardstyle music and has been active since 2006. He has worked with Scantraxx Records before finally quitting in 2012 to make his label known as Brennan Heart Music. His great release includes Memento, Homeless and the most recent, Outta My Way. In 2013, he collaborated with Jonathan Mendelson to release the Song”Imaginary” which became a hit.

Code Black will also be gracing the event. He is an Australian DJ specialized in hard style and raw style music. His famous hits include Red Planet and Visions. His recent release, “New World” which is a collabo between him and Chris Madin is also hitting the top charts. Code Black began c= his career in 2011 and has since been active.

Da Tweekaz will also rock the party with his famous hits such as Time to shine and People Against Porn. Tweekazz, who comes from Norway, has been active since 2007 and is famous for various remixes such as Angeli Domini and Bit by bit.
The only English DJ in the party will be Kutski. He does hard dance such as Electro, Hard trance and electro. He has worked with the BBC on various shows before becoming an independent DJ. His most successful songs include keeping the rave alive and the Ravers religion. He has also received a hard dance award presented to him in 2012.

Radical Redemption who is notorious for the one man army DJ contest mix will be there. The hardstyle pundit is famous for hits such as the spell of sin and the brutal saga. He started his career in 2007 and had been active with several amazing mixes to his name.

Mc Villain will be part of the crew rocking the party. He is famous for his tour. “Losecontrol” that happened in early 2015. He has been active for seven years now. His genre is a commercial dance with famous hits such Keep It Coming to his name.

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