Papaya Club

Start your summer right with one oft he biggest DJ Duos in the world: Showtek will make the floors of Papaya bounce with selected future house tunes.



Showtek at Zrce

The duo, composed of brothers Sjoerd Janssen and Wouter Janssen has a long history of rocking crowds with their distinctive combination of electro house songs and hard style music. The brothers have a knack for blending high energy sounds and this has made them popular right across Europe.

Sjoerd is also known as DJ Duro while his brother Wouter is known as Walt. Their mega hits include “Booyah” and “World Is Mine”. They have found success as both producers and DJs. While they are known for their own songs, they also produce songs for other artistes. They produced “Nobody’s Perfect” for Chris Brown and this has done well on the charts.

Showtek are enormously keen on developing music that helps to create a party atmosphere. Both hardcore and hard techno listeners will enjoy the reversed bassiness that is evident in much of their repertoire. All the latest hard style tracks are will be played, along with favourites which remain popular over the years.

“Are You Ready” was the duo’s first international breakthrough, taking the Dutch brothers to festivals in places like Phoenix, AZ. Their Indonesian fans welcomed them at the Djakarta Warehouse Project. Attendees in Zrce are likely to hear “Believer”, their latest release with Major Lazer. Showtek’s style makes them an ideal fit for Zrce Beach Croatia. The musical duo will entertain patrons at the Papaya Club with the best progressive house songs.

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