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Man-made islands next to Zrce beach

    Currently Dubai-style artificial island are build next to Zrce beach to make the 4 TOP 100 clubs at Zrce beach available to more party people.

    Zrce Beach is getting bigger and bigger. Recently all Zrce clubs entered the DJ Mag Top 100 clubs list (Papaya #9, Noa #14, Aquarius #24, Kalypso #39).
    The clubs owners and local authority decided that Novalja’s streets and apartments are too crowded to cover the demand for thousands of new tourists, who want to visit Zrce in the upcoming seasons.
    They called Dubai’s biggest Zrce Fan and builder of the second Zrce Beach (zrce.eu reported about this) Abdul-Sabur Muhamed Murshid Waqqas Ganim if he wants to join the project to build artificial islands next to Zrce beach. Of course he liked the idea and started immediately to collect money for an investment.

    Zrce beach fake island

    How will the man-made islands next to Zrce look like?

    The primary goal of the islands is to have luxury suites and apartments next to Zrce beach, so you can wake up, jump into the sea and take a short boat trip to get to the famous after beach partys at Zrce Beach.
    On the islands will be a hotel, a lot of luxury apartment houses, a harbour and everything you need to spend your whole holidays on the islands. You just need to leave them to go to Zrce Beach for After Beach and night events.
    It’s a tight schedule to get this done until summer 2017. Their project team rejected all offers from Berlin’s airport executives to help them, thus we are confident that they get the islands done soon.

    Fake islands at Zrce