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    Top 3 Facts

    Club world ranking: Definitely the best club in Novalja 🙂
    Highlight: smart ambiance, good barkeeper, delicious cocktails and international atmosphere
    VIP table reservation: or per Whatsapp


    The Cocomo Club

    Cocomo opened its doors for the first time in 1992 in Novalja. The designer club offers a mixed program and is a place for everyone. It is still the only club in the city among many bars, lounges and restaurants. During the day the Cocomo is opened as a coffee bar and offers a cozy atmosphere with enjoyable temperatures because of a great air conditioner. Every day guests can enjoy the view of the ocean in the upper part, and every night they can dance the whole night on the dance floor in the lower part. DJs from the whole of Europe play in this club and as far as music taste goes, there will be something for everyone!

    Established in 1992 and located on one of the sunniest island on the Adriatic Sea, Island Pag, Cocomo Club brings you the ultimate summer clubbing experience in Novalja. Enjoy cold drinks & comfortable lounge at pleasant 22 degrees.

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    Pictures Day&Night

    Technically, the DJs play everything like Charts, House, the 80s and 90s. They know how to respond to the mood of the guests. Besides normal drinks, you can order a variety of cocktails at the cocktail bar. Repeatedly directed a look at the bar, one can’t miss the amazing show of the bartenders.

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    Cocomo Club VIP table – reservation

    At Cocomo you can reserve VIP tables on two different floors. In the lower area there are some VIP lounges right next to the dance floor and thus right at the action. In the upper area, you are a little more exclusive and have a perfect view from the upper terrace onto the dance floor. For a table reservation just write an e-mail or Whatsapp!

    Additional information

    Cocomo is located right in the center of Novalja, whereby most of the people start their party nights right here. The dance floor and lounges on the first floor aren’t separated by a normal ceiling. Above the dancing guests, there are some glass bridges, which connect several lounges. During the high season, female professional dancers are dancing on the glass bridges and in the lower part of the club, heating up the vibe with their skimpy outfits.

    During high season it’s possible to order fish, steak and salads in the upper part of the club. With the sea view and the people dancing on the ground floor, this is also a special experience.

    No matter if you want to pre-drink or party the whole night: if you don’t want to miss Go-Go dancers, good music and a vibrant atmosphere – Cocomo is the right place for you.