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1. Booking questions
2. Questions about Novalja / Zrce Beach
3. Questions about festival offers
4. Questions about accommodation
5. Questions about the Euro in Croatia

6. Questions about ticket categories

1. Booking questions

How does a booking work?

  1. You make the booking/ we create the booking for you in our system
  2. You will receive an invoice by email (check your spam folder)
  3. The booking is binding upon receipt of the invoice by email
  4. The deposit of 50€ per person is due within 7 days (only for bookings made earlier than 6 weeks prior to departure)
  5. You will receive the payment confirmation of the deposit by email
  6. The balance must be paid 6 weeks before the start of the trip
  7. You will receive the confirmation of payment of the balance and a travel voucher by email
  8. Up to 1 week before the start of your journey you will receive an information mail with all details about your booked service (be sure to check the spam folder!)

Will I receive something in writing as proof of my booking? What is a voucher?

After we have received the full amount, we will send you a travel voucher by email. This serves as proof of payment at check-in and to help us identify you more quickly. Please print it out or store it on your mobile when you arrive.

How do I pay for the service I have booked?

Payment is possible by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. You can find the bank data for the transfer in your invoice mail or here a little further down. For PayPal and credit card payment please use the link in the invoice mail.

Bookings for accommodation and packages: The deposit is 50€ per person and is due within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Please pay the balance at least 6 weeks before departure.

Festival Tickets: Please transfer the complete ticket price within 7 days.

Bank details:

Recipient: tpR Reiseservice GmbH
IBAN: DE416 009 070 004 893 850 01

Reason for payment: Booking number, first and last name

What is a travel price protection certificate?

According to the EU Package Travel Directive, every tour operator is obliged to insure payments made by customers for a package against insolvency or insolvency. The guidelines stipulate that the executing tour operator may only accept payments if he issues a security note to the customer in return. You will receive the travel price protection certificate with the binding booking confirmation by email.

How old do I have to be to book with

A booking at is only possible for persons 18 years and older. The bus journey can however also be booked by minors with the consent of the parents. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you will receive the form by mail on request. Without the form you are not allowed to travel across borders!

How can I book a bus trip?

Either you book the bus trip individually on our website or select it when booking accommodation or a festival ticket by clicking on the “plus” sign and selecting your bus trip. You can book bus tours here:

Are there also package deals?

In addition to the festival packages, we also offer individually compiled package deals. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone. ( or 0049 731 96338860, Monday-Friday 08:00 – 19:00)

Can I also book for other people?

Yes, but the person responsible for payment and administration of the documents sent is the person making the booking.

Can I also arrive or depart on another day?

When booking a festival ticket, the period is specified and can therefore not be changed. However, if you would like to book your accommodation with us and it does not fit the given period of the package, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email and ask for an individual travel period. We may be able to arrange this for you.

The periods for the bus trips are fixed and cannot be changed, as our buses have a fixed timetable throughout the season.

Can further persons be booked afterwards?

This is usually not a problem if there is still capacity available. Write an email to: and state your name, booking ID and the number of people you would like to book.

Can I cancel my trip?

Too bad, but of course you can cancel your trip. Please note the cancellation conditions of the booked offer. These can be found in the “Invoice” mail and in our general terms and conditions. Then contact us by email or telephone and describe your request. If you have only booked tickets (festival tickets, party boat, etc.), we will unfortunately not be able to refund any costs if you cancel your booking.

2. Questions about Novalja / Zrce Beach

When’s the season at Zrce Beach?

The Zrce season starts every year at the end of May with various opening parties in the clubs of the party beach. Shortly thereafter the high season starts with 24 hours party and events. At Zrce you can party all summer long, day and night. The Zrce season ends at the discretion of the clubs at the end of August. The beach is then still wonderful to go swimming – but there are no more daily parties. So if you are looking for a real party holiday, you should come to Zrce Beach between June and August.

All important Zrce events can be found in our party calendar.

Is there a contact person on site?

We have tour guides and contact persons for our customers on site. A team member is available to the customers daily by telephone. You will receive the current number in your Infomail at the latest 1 week before your departure.

Our team on site is available for your questions at any time. In addition, you can book excursions, such as lunch on the party boat or sports activities, such as wakeboarding, etc. with us on site.

Is there an airport on the island of Pag?

No, the nearest airport is in Zadar, on the mainland. From here we also offer a private airport shuttle. The journey takes about 1 hour and a half. You can book the shuttle either on our website or by phone or email at

How long does it take to drive from Germany to Novalja?

For the drive to Zrce we expect the following estimated times:

  • Bremen: 16 hours
  • Hamburg: 16 hours
  • Cologne: 14 hours
  • Berlin: 14 hours
  • Leipzig: 13 hours
  • Constance: 12 hours
  • Karlsruhe: 12 hours
  • Freiburg: 12 hours
  • Frankfurt: 13 hours
  • Stuttgart: 11 hours
  • Nuremberg: 10 hours
  • Munich: 9 hours

Are there any accommodations at Zrce Beach?

At Zrce Beach itself there are only a few bungalows. As the accommodations are relatively luxurious and expensive, most holidaymakers turn to accommodation in Novalja. There are also a few more accommodations in Caska or Gajac. 

How do I get from Novalja to Zrce Beach?

During the high season there are regular shuttle buses from Novalja to Zrce Beach during the day and at night. You can book tickets here

How much do the clubs at Zrce Beach cost to enter?

The prices of the clubs at Zrce vary depending on the event and festival. If there are international star DJs on the line-up of the clubs, the entrance fee is correspondingly higher than for a normal event. After Beach Party’s are normally free of charge (no guarantee, depending on the event). In the evening you have to expect admission. But if you buy your festival ticket online in advance or get a festival ticket on site, you can save a lot compared to the box office.

When are the After Beach Party’s and when do the Night Party’s start?

The After Beach Party’s start at about 4pm and end at about 8pm. The clubs will be reopened at 10pm for the night party.

3. Questions about festival offers

What is included in the festival packages?

Depending on the package, this varies and is described in detail in the respective package. In principle, festival tickets and accommodation are included in the package. Optional bus arrival and other extras such as the party boat can be added.

Where and when do I get the festival tickets ?

You will receive the festival ribbons on site by presenting the voucher at our Check In. You will receive the voucher directly by email after we have received your payment. Information about this will be sent to you by email at least 1 week before the start of your journey.

4. Questions about accommodation

Where and when do check-in and check-out take place?

This information can be found in your information mail, which you will receive by email at least 1 week before the start of your holiday. During this time, please also check your spam/advertising folder if the mail does not end up in your normal mailbox.

Usually the check in takes place on Saturdays at the Pool Area of the Moon&Rocks Hostel in Novalja. Of course we also have check in points for you on all other days. You can also find out from your Infomail where exactly these take place during the week. The Check In is valid for all booked services at! Here you will not only get the keys for your accommodation, but also your festival tickets, shuttle bus, partyboat tickets, etc. Here you can also contact our local team members if you have any questions about your stay.

How do I find my local accommodation?

At the latest 1 week before your arrival in Novalja we will send you all information about the check-in by email.

How are the apartments equipped?

We have silver and gold and platinum apartments on offer. These differ mainly in the size of the rooms and especially in the equipment. Most accommodations have WLAN, air conditioning, balcony, grill and parking facilities. Most of the apartments also have a self-catering kitchen, towels, kitchen utensils and bed linen.

Can I see photos of the accommodations?

You can find pictures of many accommodations on our homepage under the respective categories ( If you ask us for an accommodation that is no longer available, we will send you pictures of a comparable accommodation.

5. Questions about the Euro in Croatia

When will Croatia have the Euro?

The euro was introduced in Croatia on January 1, 2023 by the decision of the European Commission. This has thus replaced the national currency Kuna.

Can I still pay with Kuna?

No, there was only a transitional period for paying with kuna until January 15, 2023.

Are there border controls when entering Croatia?

With Croatia’s accession to the Schengen area, controls at the borders with Slovenia and Hungary will no longer apply. As a result, entry by car will be significantly faster and easier from 2023.

6. Questions about ticket categories

What is the difference between a GA ticket and a VIP ticket? What advantages does a VIP ticket offer?

With VIP tickets, you have the following advantages compared to regular tickets:
– Access to the VIP areas (elevated sections, better view of the stage, limited ticket allocation)
– Separate VIP entrance area at the club
– Extra VIP bars (no price advantage compared to GA bars)
– Extra VIP toilets