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Club Kalypso

    Top 3 Facts

    Club world ranking: #91 – DJ Mag ranking
    Highlight: unique after-beach party area with palm trees
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    The Kalypso Club

    The Kalypso is the oldest club on Zrce Beach. In the beginning, the club just included a small beach bar, but after a few profitable years, it dilated constantly. Today the club has a huge open-air dance floor, with Go Go platforms, different levels and lots of bars. Compared to Papaya and Aquarius, where almost only international top DJs are putting the heat on the dance floor, Kalypso always chooses local DJs to get the vibe going. The music is a mix of House, Charts and Black music. During the day the club organizes some little sports events like beach volleyball and beach football.

    Next to the main dance floor, you can find several couches to relax the whole day. The most special thing about this club is the service during the day. A unique experience both day and night.

    Zrce Beach event calendar

    Big festivals take place regularly at Zrce Beach over the summer season.
    Here you find an overview of the entire season at Zrce Beach!


    Pictures Day&Night

    Magnificent after-beach party music already brings you the perfect mood in the early afternoon. The after beach parties between trees made the club popular in the whole of Europe.

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    TATTVA – Kalypso Restaurant

    Out there, on a beach overlooking powerful mountains, on a desert-like island off an island-dotted coast swept by strong winds, there’s a gathering place where all the 5 elements meet. Here, a triangular land formation of secret origin invites seekers for exploration, echoing the alchemy symbol for nature’s elements: a triangle.

    Welcome to Tattva Pag, a boutique beach club & restaurant, and a universe of its own, worlds apart from the famed party scene of Zrće.

    A meeting point of 5 sacred tattvas – earth, water, fire, air and space – Tattva is tucked away on a remote stretch of one of Croatia’s most unusual islands, Pag. Known for its barren, lunar landscapes and potent winds, this desert-like isle is home to the mysterious Pag Triangle, a triangle-shaped mark pressed into the rocky ground by an unknown force.

    A celebration of nature, its enigmatic ways and the five elements that hide within and around us, Tattva Pag sits where the mighty Velebit mountain faces the translucent Adriatic Sea. It’s where the sacred elements converge and where alchemy happens, making all life possible. What flows in you flows in me, here where the mountains meet the sea. Step into the world of Tattva Pag, eons away from the ordinary & yet surprisingly familiar.

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    Location of the clubs

    Additional information

    Zrce is the most popular beach located near Gajac and Novalja. It is a beach famous for summer destinations by party lovers. Zrce never disappoints partygoers with several discotheques, parties, and nightclubs.
    There are several famous nightclubs located on the island of Pag. For instance, Papaya, which is one of the biggest and oldest clubs on the island. Papaya is among the best 100 clubs in the world. However, our focus today will be Kalypso in Croatia.
    Kalypso is among the oldest nightclubs on the beach. In 1987, Kalypso was the first club on Zrce beach. Its surrounding is made of pine trees to offer an unforgettable experience to all partygoers.

    What makes Kalypso nightclub famous?

    1. Opening hours

    Kalypso is a pioneer in the nightclub industry on the beach, and their nightclub parties have no end. It is a continuous cycle of fun, entertainment, and drinks for party lovers. It offers fantastic comfort experiences even as you party with comfortable couches to relax on.

    2. The amazing parties

    Kalypso is famous for the amazing after beach party it throws with local DJs keeping the party atmosphere going. Other than the after beach parties, Kalypso knows how to ensure the entertainment never ends by organizing massive festivals such as the Hideout Festival, Sonus, Black Sheep, EDM among others.

    3. Dancefloor size

    In the past, Kalypso nightclub had only a small beach bar. Nevertheless, it changed over the years to own a vast open-air dance floor with platforms of different levels and several bars. The enormous size of the dancefloor can hold a capacity of thousands of people from all over the world. It allows them to offer a party experience like no other.

    4. Open-air club

    The open-air club is enormous and serves as the perfect spot for numerous festivals held by Kalypso club. It offers a beautiful experience of partying under the sky. The feeling makes the parties different from any other provided by the other nightclubs.

    5. Club Kalypso’s ranking among the clubs of the world

    Kalypso experience in the nightclub scene on the island of Pag has led to several ranking among nightclubs around the world. Kalypso ranked among the top 100 nightclubs in the world. Its ranking proves that there is no better nightclub to have marvelous fun other than Kalypso.
    For all Party lovers, get your dance shoes on and head down to Kalypso for an extraordinary party experience.