Travel to Zrce

Here you find all important informations about coming to Zrce Beach and having the best party holidays of your life. The tourist infrastructure isn’t as good as the infrastructure on Ibiza or Mallorca yet. Shortly said, to Novalja is no direct highway and also you don’t have two dozen of flights a day to Novalja. Here we describe the easiest possibilities to get to Novalja by bus, private car or the airplane. Zrce Beach is only 5 minutes from Novalja. .

Many Zrce Newcomer are asking how they get on the island Pag, because there is no airport and the big travel providers have no package deals in the offer. Finally you need to take the last route from the airport to Novalja with the car or the bus.

While coming from Germany, Switzerland or Austria by car, the ferry from Prizna is the best way to get on the island. If you booked a flight to Zadar, you can book a shuttle from the airport to Novalja and you will drive across the bridge at the south side of the island.

In the high season you may have long waiting periods at the ferry in Prizna. In this case, sometimes it is better to take the roundabout way across the bridge in the south.

Informations about the prices of the ferry you find on this website:

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Here you find all informations about Zrce Beach, the clubs, the festivals and why Zrce Beach is the best choice for your party holidays!