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Zrce Pool Party / After Beach

Each of the 4 large open-air clubs has a day and a night area. The day area opens daily from around 3 pm for the famous after beach parties. With pools in the dance floors, seating areas, sea views and of course an absolute party atmosphere, these parties are a must! The after beach parties are usually free of charge.


Afterbeach 28.05.23-17
Afterbeach 28.05.23-18
Afterbeach 26.05.23-51
Afterbeach 26.05.23-13
Afterbeach 18.05.23-7
Afterbeach 18.05.23-22
Afterbeach 18.05.23-38 (1)
Afterbeach 31.08.23-38
Afterbeach 31.08.23-47
Afterbeach 31.08.23-35
Afterbeach 31.08.23-12
Afterbeach 31.08.23-40
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