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The Croatian islands are one of the most beautiful coastal regions of the Mediterranean. At first glance the island of Pag seems to be very dry and rocky, but in recent years many Europeans searched for beautiful and new beaches. Especially they wanted to combine relaxing holidays and partying the whole night. In Novalja and Zrce you can find both. But this island also offers more than great beaches. At Zrce Beach lots of world famous clubs let the people forget their everyday life and invite them to dance the whole night.

On the island of Pag one can also find a city with the same name, which is more like a normal city compared to the party areas Novalja and Zrce. Around the whole island there are perfect conditions for swimming, boating and having fun in the water. Even Marco Polo, the famous explorer, appreciated the island of Pag and its shores.

Daily-routine in Novalja/ Zrce

  • 12am – 2pm: Waking up and having breakfast
  • 2pm – 2:30: Beach time. Either partying at Zrce beach or just relaxing on one of the onther beaches
  • 2:30 – 4pm: Swimming, boating, …. and having some drinks
  • 4pm – 8pm: After Beach Party at Aquarius Zrce
  • 8pm – 10pm: Sleeping, having dinner and some drinks in restaurants, bars and cafés and preparing for the party night
  • 10pm – 1am: Predrinking at Cocomo (Novalja), some other bars or directly going to Zrce beach to start the party night
  • 1am  – 5am: Party, party, party, party,……with some international DJs at Zrce beach
  • 5am – Xam: … still partying,…heading back to the apartment


The second largest city, Novalja, is located next to Zrce Beach. It just takes a few minutes to get to the clubs Papaya, Aquarius,…! Due to the many people living in Novalja and want to party at Zrce Beach, there is a shuttle bus driving from Novalja to Zrce every few minutes.
The city is the party-tourist center of the island and most of these people book their apartments or other accomodations here every year. About 3,500 residents live in Novalja regularly, but during the summer season the city is crowded with thounds of party people.
Besides several restaurants there are a lot of bars in the city center. Just have a look at the bar guide on our website. In addition you´ll also spot a club named Cocomo right in the middle of Novalja.
We try to give you good information about apartments Hostels and hotels. Most of the apartments in Novalja are small and well maintained by local residents. Check it out here in the overview of the apartments or just contact us.


There are several beaches around Novalja. Besides Zrce beach, where the party is on fire the whole day, you can find other beaches like Plaza Strasko for families. If you don´t care about driving a few minutes, you will find lots of other beaches, where just a few people are.

Weather in Novalja

In the Summer the sun is shining almost every day for over 10 hours and the temperature is around 25-30 degrees. Perfect conditions for relaxing at the beach, swimming (water:20-24 degrees) and having some drinks at the After Beach parties.
….sunscreen, sunglasses, hat and towels are absolutely a must have for you holiday on the Island of Pag.


Time zone: MEZ (UTC+1)
Croatia is part of the EU since 2013
“Croatia” in Croatian: Hrvatska
Regime: Parliamentary democracy
Phone and emergency numbers

Area code: +385
Police: +385 19 2
Police station Novalja: 053 675 860 (Google maps: http://g.co/maps/j9fxd)
Fire department: +385 19 3
Ambulance: +375 19 4
Cab: +385 19 70
Breakdown service: +385 19 87
Currency and rates of exchange

Pics of Summerpeak Festival 2016 with vol2cat. Photos: damnfreddy

Cafes und Bars in Novalja

There are a lot of bars, restaurants and cafes in Novalja. Below you can find main information about some  bars, restaurants and cafés

News Cafe

News Café opens at 7am every day. With sea view and the people strolling past, this café is always well attended. The very modern and clean facilities with sofas, chairs and small tables outside and a white bar with more tables and bar stools inside, it makes a very good impression.

In order to find new inspiration for its bars and clubs, the owner flys to Miami every year. The large mirrors on the walls, the white furniture, the stunning bar and several flat screens represent the Miami chic. The combination of straight, modern lines, the holiday feeling and the sea view, make this bar definitely one of the most popular bars in Novalja.

If you want to recover from a boozy night out or just enjoying a cold beer or a cocktail after a long day at the beach – this is the right place. The sofas outside are ideal for a relaxed evening or for the start of the next party night, as News Café is open till 2am.


The two German emigrants Bruni and Slatko Kovacic operate the Gaudiño in Novalja. At 7 clock they open their doors for breakfast, coffee and those who want to have their first beer.

In this bar you feel comfortable, cause of the nice, warm, rustic and southern-inspired furnishings. The beautiful decoration and very neat and clean impressions convince the guests immediately.

Gaudino isn´t located where all of the other bars and restaurants are to be found. From there it is about 100 – 150m to walk to the German-Croatian Bar. This short trip is worth it in any case.

Who just wants to drink a beer, coffee or soft drinks in a relaxed ambiance should keep an eye out for this bar. Perhaps the two owners are even there and you can you talk to them in German. If not, the stuff will understand your English easily.

City Bar

City Bar is located right in the center of Novalja, among many other bars and restaurants. At 6 o´clock in the morning they open the doors and then close it at 2am every day.

The special thing in this bar is the cocktail menu. Throughout the season you can get a 1l Cocktail Sex on the Beach for 90kN (about 12 €). Who comes with 2 friends or simply has a great thirst, they can order 3 jumbo cocktails at once and just have to pay 240kn (about 32 €, about € 10 per cocktail).

All of the waiters understand English easily. Despite the fact that this bar has no interior space, you always see guest sitting in the sofas and chairs and sipping their cocktails or coffees.

El Faro

When you walk through the center of Novalja facing the sea, one can find the Cafe Bar El Faro. You sit in beautiful and modern chairs and look to the sea which is just 3-4m away from you. The beautiful view, beer, coffee, shots and cocktails can be enjoyed from 7am till 2am. Due to the unique location, directly next to the sea, you´ll never walk through and see an empty El Faro. The guests can relax and let the holiday feeling sink in. This bar is perfect for sipping a coffee or taking an aperitif before dinner. In the evening and at night one can find many cocktail drinkers here, because of the variety of different cocktails. Every Friday there is a corona party at El Faro where you can get a Corona beer for just 16kn (about 2 €) each. The combination of the view and the comfortable seating cause of the fact that ever friday can´t actually be terminated without having a drink at El Faro.