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Big open-air clubs, after beach areas with pool and cozy beach bars. At the Croatian party beach, everybody can find what they are searching for. Changing events with several music styles, festivals and internationally known DJs will bring you a perfect summer program. Celebrate with us until the sun rises up again.

All 4 clubs at Zrce Beach were ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100 world ranking. Only at Zrce Beach you find 4 of the TOP 100 Clubs at one place.

Papaya Club

Papaya Zrce is one of the oldest and biggest clubs on the island of Pag – the must-have open-air club near the sea. As in the previous years, the club is nominated as one of the top 100 clubs in the world. Currently, Papaya got rated at the 10th place on the world ranking list. In 2012, thousand of party people celebrated the 10th anniversary of Papaya. In 2012, thousand of party people celebrated the 10th anniversary of Papaya. Many DJs congratulated the club during the birthday party (for example Hardwell, Dannic and Sam Devine).

Aquarius Zrce

Aquarius is one of the largest and most famous clubs on Zrce Beach. It’s located between Papaya and Kalypso, just next to the car park. Every day, at around 3 pm, the legendary After Beach Party starts. To keep it short: loud music, elevated temperatures, a crowd of dancing people, lots of drinks and cocktails. Don’t miss the best afternoon party you probably have ever been to!

After 2-3 hours of getting everything ready for the night party, the club opens again at 10 pm. International and local DJs guarantee the best music day and night.

Kalypso Zrce

Kalypso is the oldest club on Zrce Beach. In the beginning the club just included a small beach bar, but after a few profitable years, it dilated constantly. Today the club has a huge open-air dance floor, with Go-Go platforms, different levels and lots of bars. Compared to Papaya and Aquarius, where almost only international top DJs are putting the heat on the dance floor, Kalypso always chooses local DJs to get the vibe going. The music is a mix of House, Charts and Black music. During the day the club organizes some little sports events like beach volleyball and beach football.

Noa Beach Zrce

Noa Beach Club is located on the sea just next to Papaya and consists of several islands, which are interconnected with bridges. The club measures about 2000 m2 and combines dance floors, pools, bars and relaxing areas with Techno, Minimal, Trance and House music. Several sunbeds invite you to have some drinks in the shade the whole day.
There’s also the possibility to jump right from the club into the refreshing sea. After your short cool bath, you can climb the small ladder back to the dance floor.


Cocomo opened its doors for the first time in 1992 in Novalja. The designer club offers a mixed program and is a place for everyone. It is still the only club in the city among many bars, lounges and restaurants. During the day the Cocomo is opened as a coffee bar and offers a cozy atmosphere with enjoyable temperatures because of a great air conditioner. Every day guests can enjoy the view of the ocean in the upper part, and every night they can dance the whole night on the dance floor in the lower part. DJs from the whole of Europe play in this club and as far as music taste goes, there will be something for everyone!

Nomad Club

Unlike the other clubs on Zrce Beach, the Nomad Club will focus on a relaxed flair with deep house / tropical music. It will also be a lounge and restaurant during the day. Occasionally there will also be a cabaret program.

Zrce Lifstyle Party boat

A popular event for young people takes 3.5 hours and includes a swim break in crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea. Welcome the sunset with the rhythms of music, drinks at the open sea and enjoy a unique experience that will become a lifetime memory. Get your ticket here: Ticket!