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The most inexpensive and safest alternatative to travel to Novalja/ Zrce Beach.

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bus trips to Novalja/ Zrce Beach

The bus only stops at traffic-favourable positions to keep the journey as short as possible. The journey times are adjusted to favourable traffic situations and ferry running times. The bus ride ends at the zrce.eu check-in point in Novalja, where you can get your festival tickets and tickets for other booked services. You may also get further information about Novalja and buy more upgrades for your stay.

The departure places are grouped into GERMANY and AUSTRIA.

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bus timetable/ departure places

Stuttgart Ulm Augsburg München Bayreuth Nürnberg Rosenheim Salzburg Villach Wien Graz

The following table summarizes departure and arrival times of all bus lines. The tables are sorted by departure time and route.

Getting there

Place Bus stop Departure Arrival
Stuttgart Stuttgart-Airport-Busterminal SAB Google Maps Fr. 18:00h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Ulm Ulm Ost, Pull-in Seligweiler Google Maps Fr. ca. 19:30h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Augsburg Gablinger Weg 83 (Stuttgarter Str.) / Aral/McDonalds Google Maps Fr. ca. 20:30h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Bayreuth Bayreuth Goethestr. (HBF Bayreuth / P+R) Google Maps Fr. ca. 18:15h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Nürnberg P+R Nürnberg Fischbach Google Maps Fr. ca. 19:45h Sa. ca. 10:00h
München Busterminal at Allianz Arena Google Maps Fr. ca. 21:30h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Rosenheim Pull-in Samerberg Google Maps Fr. ca. 23:00h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Salzburg Shell gas station Alpenstraße 2, 5081 Anif Google Maps Fr. ca. 23:45h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Villach Pull-in Freistritz Google Maps Fr. / Sa. Nacht ca. 02:00h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Hornstein Hornstein KK Busreisen parking place Google Maps Fr. / Sa. Nacht 23:30h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Wien Wien main station – Südtirolerplatz –bus stop: Waldmanngründe C4 Google Maps Fr. / Sa. Nacht 00:15h Sa. ca. 10:00h
Graz East Train Station – forecourt Google Maps Fr. / Sa. Nacht ca. 02:30h Sa. ca. 10:00h

return journey

The following table summarizes departure and arrival times of all bus lines. The table is sorted by departure time and itinerary. Departure in Novalja is at the Moon & Rocks Hostel at the indicated times.

Place Bus stop Departure Novalja Arrival
Villach Pull-in Freistritz Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 01:30h
Salzburg Shell Gas Station Alpenstraße 2, Anif Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 04:00h
Rosenheim Pull-In Samerberg Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 05:15h
München Busterminal at Allianz Arena Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 06:30h
Augsburg Stuttgarter Straße at Aral/McDonalds Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 08:00h
Ulm Ulm East, Pull-In Seligweiler Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 09:00h
Stuttgart Stuttgart-Airport-Busterminal SAB Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 10:30h
Nürnberg P+R Nürnberg Fischbach Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 08:15h
Bayreuth Shell Gas Station, highway exitBT-Nord Sa. 19:30h So. ca. 09:30h
Graz east train station – forecourt Sa. 12:00h Sa. ca. 18:45h
Wien Wien main station – Südirolerplatz – bus station Waldmanngründe C4 Sa. 12:00h Sa. ca. 21:00h
Hornstein Hornstein KK Busreisen parking place Sa. 12:00h Sa. ca. 22:00h

All prices include the round trip to Novalja and back to germany or Austria.

+++ Important information about the bus booking +++

✔ The busses departure on friday evening/ night. The arrival in Novalja is in the next morning.
✔ The busses only stop at traffic-favourable positions to keep the journey as short as possible.
✔ We only cooperate with german and austrian bus companies. All busses have modern facilities.
✔ The return trip is included in the price. You have a full 7 night stay in Novalja.
✔ The return trip is on saturday one week after arrival.
The busses departure at Moon&Rocks Hostel in Novalja every saturday. Until 10am, you can put your luggage in the bus. After the apartment check out you still got the day to spend in Novalja. You will arrive back in Germany and Austria at night or latest sunday morning.


short video clip: how to book a bus journey (in german)


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railroad report

departure places in Germany and Austria

The bus journey starts at 6pm in the south of Stuttgart at the Stuttgart-Airport-Busterminal SAB. Due to many years of experience in travels to Croatia, we made the conscious decision to not drive into city centers. In Ulm, a motorway station in the north of the city is the next stop.The journey then goes on to Augsburg, where more people go on the bus to Croatia. After Augsburg, we stop in Munich at the Allianz Arena. The last stop in Germany then is Rosenheim, Autobahnrasthof Samerberg at around 11pm.

Journey through Austria, Slowenia and Croatia

From now on, the bus goes straight to Novalja. The experienced bus drivers know route very well. They always take the fastest way for the guests to arrive at the famous Zrce Beach. All busses have 2 drivers so they can alternate to keep the journey as short as possible. In the morning after some hours of sleep, you already arrive Novalja at the Moon and Rocks Hostel. There is also the check in point where you get all your festival tickets and more information on your holiday.
At the end of your stay in Novalja/ Zrce Beach, the Moon&Rocks Hostel is also the place of departure.