Novalja is the nearest city to Zrce Beach. Most party guests are staying in Novalja. A regulary bus line is bringing the guests day and night to the Zrce Beach. 

Novalja, the city to for your holiday

The city is the party-tourist center of the island and most of these people book their apartments or other accomodations here every year. About 3,500 residents live in Novalja regularly, but during the summer season the city is crowded with thounds of party people.

Besides several restaurants there are a lot of bars in the city center.  In addition you´ll also spot the Cocomo club right in the middle of Novalja.

The city of Novalaj became famous by the well known Zrce Beach in the last few years.

In Novalja you find a promenade and small beaches. A few minute outside of Novalja you will find a lot of silent and beautiful beaches. Also you will find shops, grocery stores and drug stores. Novalja has also an police station and a small hospital.

Beaches near Novalja

Near Novalja you find several beaches. At Zrce Beach you can party day and night and you find 4 of the world best clubs at one beach. This is unique in the world! During the summer season you will find a lot of festival, events and a world class DJ Line-up at Zrce Beach.If you look for beaches to relax you will find a wide variety of beaches close to Novalja:

  • Zrće (im Bild)
  • Vrtić
  • Planjka
  • Gaj
  • Babe
  • Caska
  • Straško

Here you find a map of beaches near Novalja (Map of beaches near Novalja).

Novalja holiday: Important info and contacts

Telephone Contacts

Country code Croatia +385
Emergency call: +385 1 92
Police station Novalja: +385 53 675 860 bei Google Maps
Road assistance: +385 1 987


Name: Kuna
1 Kuna (HRK) = 100 Lipa

Exchange rates (go to Google):
1 Kuna in Euro
1 Kuna in Schweizer Franken

Public holidays during season

22. June, 25. June (national holiday), 5. August, 15. August

Shops, Clubs and tourist attractions are mostly open on public holidays during season.

Novalja Weather

During season from june to begin of September you have mostly sunny and dry weather. the warmest month is July.

Party Locations in Novalja

In Novalja you find several good and nice bars in the town center. The best place for a party in Novalja is club Cocomo in the city center!

Photos from Zrce Beach