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June 2020 – Latest Corona Update – From Novalja

    the loza bar – the article was written here



    With a big delay we received our first guests on 16 June in Novalja. A part of the team is also already in Croatia and prepares the first big arrival on 04 July.  The clubs are open (with less guests and without a big international line-up), the restaurants are working more or less normally and the atmosphere here is very relaxed.

    In the last days there were some articles in the media and social media that there are no “festivals” at Zrce Beach and some guests thought that everything is cancelled. In truth nothing is new. All big festivals were cancelled months ago. It shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone that there are no big events this year.

    Therefore we have adapted our program for the summer and developed new, smaller events and we offer additional activities. If you are now complaining that there are no mega festivals with 10.000 guests, you have probably overslept the last 3 months.

    We have received a lot of inquiries and bookings in the last days and the whole team is happy that we have a “season” at all. At the end of March or mid-April we had little hope that the borders will be open at all.

    We are happy about every single guest who comes here this summer. We will do our best to make sure everyone has a good time here in Croatia. There are great beaches, good weather, great restaurants, bars and many nice destinations for excursions. The clubs are also open. The Cocomo opened at the beginning of June. The Noa a few days later. This week the Kalypso has opened and for Saturday the Papaya plans to open.

    The atmosphere in the clubs is great. You can see that everyone enjoys the “new old life” and appreciates the time. Whoever is here is happy about the relaxed atmosphere, the guests dance and the atmosphere is relaxed and relaxed. The clubs are of course not as full as usual in the main season, but nobody wants that this year!

    Cocomo Club in Novalja: less capacity but huge fun

    Unfortunately the last days some groups cancelled their participation because of fear of new Corona cases in Croatia. This is very annoying, because it means that we made a lot of trouble for nothing with our offers. And from my point of view unnecessary.

    To make it clear: There is no absolute safety from Corona here either. The numbers are small, but there will always be new Corona cases in Croatia. And it is probably only a matter of time until someone in Novalja has a positive test result. That’s the way it is in a pandemic.

    So if you don’t want to take any risk at all, it’s best to stay at home in your apartment and avoid any contact.

    Some find it irresponsible that clubs are open at all and criticize this. I think that everyone should assess the risk themselves. In Germany more and more “parties” are taking place in parks, public places and in secret. The difference in Croatia is that you don’t have to hide to celebrate (in a controlled setting and limited number of people).

    Many Croats are very pragmatic in dealing with the corona danger. In a country where most people are much poorer than in Germany, there are simply different priorities and the fear of poverty is greater than the fear of corona disease. Corona is nevertheless taken seriously and the health authorities are now well equipped.

    Sundown in Novalja: On the terrace our sunset events are planned

    Who – according to all we know today – is willing to take a very small risk should definitely come here. Not only because of the big clubs, Djs or parties. You can have a good time here and escape the felt “Corona panic” at home for a while.

    We are very happy about the freedom we have here at the moment. And we hope that we can continue the season until the end. Even if it is not a “normal” season and you have to live with restrictions here too. It is the best season possible in 2020.

    If you got any questions about the situation, a booking or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us by email to!

    Many greetings from Novalja


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