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House rules


Dear Guests, warm welcome!

We would like to point out our house rules in order to ensure you and other guests a pleasant stay. 

  •  Accommodation is available from 15:00h on the day of arrival until 10:00h on the day of departure
  •  Guests are responsible for personal property and valuables left in the apartments/rooms and the  owner is not responsible for the subsequent loss
  • Guest can park their cars on a parking place appointed by the host
  • Be careful not to disturb other guests by making noise, especially in the hallway  between  10 p.m. – 8 a.m. In case of disturbing the peace of other guests or neighbors,  you will be warned and if it continues, we will be obliged to call the security which is charged  100 €. In case of a bigger disturbance we will be obliged to call the police and won’t  be able to provide accommodation for you any further
  • When leaving the apartment be sure you have closed all balcony doors and windows in case of bad weather. Switch off the lights, all electrical appliances (TV, stove…) and turn off the taps
  • Air conditioning is included in the price only if used properly – All windows and doors should be closed and you should turn it off when you are not in the apartment. Otherwise you will be charged additional 5€ per day
  • Unregistered guests are not allowed to stay in the apartment if not agreed with the host
  • Animals, weapons, explosives and inflammable materials are not allowed in the apartment
  • In case of any damage, please, inform the host. All damages will be charged according to the terms  of use
  • We kindly ask you not to move any furniture from its place cause you might damage it
  • Do not take inventory like towels, blankets, tables or chairs out of the apartment
  • During the summer months, please take out the garbage on a daily basis
  • On the day of the departure please empty all trash, wash the dishes and leave it in a decent state or you will be charged 50 € for extra cleaning
  • The owner of the facility has the right to enter the apartment/room in exceptional circumstances and in the absence of guests, to prevent the possible damage or danger. The owner is obligated to notify the guest about the entry at first contact
  • In the event of ignoring the house rules, the host has the right to refuse further provision of services
  • If you have any questions please contact our team on the spot +38518848583 or visit our info point
  • check-out. If you want to have the deposit back in cash please arrange a check-out time with our team. If you prefer to get back the money via bank transfer you can just leave the keys in the apartment. we´ll check the apartment and pay  you back the deposit if everything is ok. 


Thank you for being our guests and have a nice stay!