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Euphoria Club Zrce

    Euphoria Club is one of the oldest clubs on the beautiful Zrce beach and grew alog during the last couple of years. The Club is settled in the middle of the Zrce beach, only a few steps away from the sea. The current program of the club reflects the latest trends in electronic dance music 7 nights per week. Big advantage of this club is the free entrance (without guarantee), the cheapest prices on the beach and big open-air dancefloor. The club has a high-quality sound and light system that is very important for the whole-night-long experience.

    Euphoria is a must-visit spot on Zrce Beach, a venue that epitomizes the soul and history of the island, a brand that has become synonym with sleepless beat-driven summer nights on the whole island.

    Zrce Beach event calendar

    Big festivals take place regularly at Zrce Beach over the summer season.
    Here you find an overview of the entire season at Zrce Beach!


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