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The Croatian islands are one of the most beautiful coastal regions of the Mediterranean. At first glance the island of Pag seems to be very dry and rocky, but in recent years many Europeans searched for beautiful and new beaches. Especially they wanted to combine relaxing holidays and partying the whole night. In Novalja and Zrce you can find both. But this island also offers more than great beaches. At Zrce Beach lots of world famous clubs let the people forget their everyday life and invite them to dance the whole night.

On the island of Pag one can also find a city with the same name, which is more like a normal city compared to the party areas Novalja and Zrce. Around the whole island there are perfect conditions for swimming, boating and having fun in the water. Even Marco Polo, the famous explorer, appreciated the island of Pag and its shores.



There are several beaches around Novalja. Besides Zrce beach, where the party is on fire the whole day, you can find other beaches like Plaza Strasko for families. If you don´t care about driving a few minutes, you will find lots of other beaches, where just a few people are.