Big Beach Spring Break 2018

31.05.2018 - 03.06.2018

Papaya Club

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Enter into this years festival season with the best Spring Break at Zrce Beach and party with people from all around the globe!

Big Beach Spring Break 2018

Big Beach Spring Break 2018

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„It will be the third event of BBSB in 2018. The feedback of the last two events were absolutely amazing. BBSB 2018 is the perfect event for a long party weekend! BBSB is our recommendation for your spring break!"

Spring Break Offers and Packages

Apart from the Tickets (regular or VIP Tickets) we have in-expensive packages including accomondation. And special prices for groups! Journey with your own car or with our (party)bus from Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Prague, Salzburg and other cities. The closest airport is Zadar.


Pictures and Impressions from Big Beach Spring Break 2017

Pictures of the second event of Big Beach Spring Break 2017 ! The biggest Opening Event at Zrce Beach 2017.

Tony Junior at Big Beach Spring Break 2017

Tony Junior is a Dutch DJ and record producer, who has released a number of singles that have charted in his native country as well as worldwide. He is best known for progressive house, Dutch house and Bass house music and is currently signed to the record label ‘Spinnin Records’. His first single was ‘Losje’, which was released in 2010 in collaboration with Nicolas Nox. It charted at number 2 in the Dutch Single Top 100 Chart. His most successful single was ‘Get Down’ in 2015, which was a collaboration with the DJ Tiesto. The hit single reached number one on the Beatport charts, with the video attracting more than 2 million views online. It is a worldwide hit, conquering audiences as an instant dance classic. He is due to perform at the Big Beach Spring Break festival, Zrce Beach Croatia in 2017. His speciality is in creating big room productions and performing at festivals all over Europe, Asia and America, including Tomorrowland, Something Wicked, Mysteryland, Pacha Ibiza and the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Sick Individuals were there in 2016 and 2017

Dutch electronic music and DJ-craft duo Sick Individuals have been producing fresh, innovative sounds since 2010, when their shared interest in music and its manipulation drove them to exercise their creative force together. Their early work is plainly influenced by Daft Punk, but with its own sharp original tang underscored in every track. Since those early days, the pair have worked with many world renowned artists, among them Avicii, Rihanna, David Guetta and Flo Rida, and their treatments of these musicians’ songs have come to be celebrated as separate and uniquely wonderful experiences of their own. Standing in suspense at a Sick Individuals show in between tracks, the whole crowd leans in and waits with bated breath, only to breathe a collective joyous sigh of relief and fall back into the wild dancing that Sick Individuals’s music provokes in even the meekest of their attendees. Rising and falling in poetic swoops and dips, the beauty of the music of Sick Individuals lies in its careful precision; every note and beat has been carefully, thoughtfully placed exactly where it needs to be to make the audience’s hearts pound in progressively speedier, deeper rhythm, building up in ecstatic, empathetic suspense, and then be left hanging off the edge of a musical cliff for just a moment before the music crashes back into them and they roar and flail in unison. That contagion of movement is absolutely the product of the conscientious production of these two very talented young men, who, at this point, have only barely gotten themselves started on the path they are walking.

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