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Journey by bus to festival





  • Valid passport or identity card (a driver’s license or health insurance card is not enough!)
  • Travel voucher (was sent to you by email after receipt of payment)


  • In the case of minors, the parents’ declaration of consent is signed and printed out
  • If you are not a German or Austrian citizen, you are obliged to research about any VIA regulations by yourself.

If you miss the bus, no money will be refunded and the journey must be organized yourself. Travelers without a valid identity card or passport will not be allowed to travel by bus!

Please refrain from bringing unauthorized objects and means with you and carry your identity card or passport with you when driving. Everyone is responsible for themselves during an inspection and must bear the possible consequences.

Please do not overdo it with your luggage. One piece of hand luggage (standard backpack or similar) and one piece of luggage (80x40x40cm +/-, max. 20 kg) is allowed per person.
Alcoholic beverages that you have brought with you must be stowed in the luggage compartment (we have no space for beer crates on the bus!). The bus driver has “house rights” and may – should he deem it appropriate – in principle prohibit alcohol consumption altogether. Please always remember that the bus driver should no longer take breaks due to the alcohol consumption – you all want to get to Novalja as soon as possible. You can then start celebrating there. Please leave the seats as they were found. In the case of extreme soiling, a cleaning fee can be charged.

DEPARTURE ON 02.06.2023

Bus departs Friday (or in the night Friday to Saturday)
Please be at the place of departure at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.

City Location Departure
Köln Flughafen Köln/Bonn Google Maps ~ 02:00 pm
Frankfurt Flughafen (Busparkplatz Terminal 1) Google Maps ~ 04:00 pm
Karlsruhe Hinterm Hauptbahnhof 6 Google Maps ~ 06:00 pm
Stuttgart Flughafen SAB Busterminal Google Maps ~ 07:00 pm
Ulm Rasthof Seligweiler Google Maps ~ 08:30 pm
Augsburg P+R Oberhausen Nord Google Maps ~ 09:15 pm
München Busterminal Fröttmaning (Allianz Arena) Google Maps ~ 10:30 pm
Rosenheim Autobahnrasthof Samerberg Google Maps ~ 11:45 pm
Salzburg Shell Tankstelle Alpenstraße 2, 5081 Anif Google Maps Fr. ~ 00:45 am night
Villach Raststation Feistritz / Drau Google Maps Fr. ~ 03:00 am night
Leipzig Leipzig/Halle Flughafen, Schkeuditz Google Maps ~ 05:30 pm
Nürnberg S-Bahn Fischbach, P+R An d. Bahnlinie 6, 90475 Nürnberg Google Maps ~ 09:00 pm

RETURN ON 10.06.2023

Return is approx. at 01:00 pm from Moon & Rocks Hostel Novalja (where you arrived)

Obilaznica 5, 53291 Novalja, Croatia (Coordinates: 44.555284, 14.892883)

Please get there 30 minutes before departure. The same rules apply as for the outward journey.